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This week, after looking through all the inventory, supplies and materials I accumulated for the craft fair, I've realized that I want a well-organized home/craft studio. I want to set it up nicely so it looks like there's some order to the madness and creativity that happens here. I was trolling the web for ideas and came across some gorgeous home studios.

This first one, Debee's studio, is my absolute favorite! I don't know her personally, but I have to tell you that her studio blew my mind. You can go to her blog post about her studio to get all the info as I unfortunately can't post her photos here.

I was looking for better yarn organization ideas and came across this picture from knitsnknots.tumblr.com when I Googled "yarn storage". I tell you, I would be in my studio all day everyday if my stash looked like this. :)

Then there's this lady, Yarnhog, who showed her recently organized/decorated craft room and it looks just beautiful. There are some great ideas in these posts right?

I want to keep my Ikea bookcases, so I was thinking I would get these X-Racks (or have similar ones made) to divide my yarns into sections so they are better organized.

Another crafter, Tara of "Easy Makes Me Happy", wrote a post about how her husband built her yarn storage that looks just like what you would find in a yarn shop. It's pretty stunning, and gives the same effect I want to achieve with the X-rack dividers. Her yarn stash looks so amazing organized this way (picture below).

Apart from organizing my yarn, I would like to have the studio set up properly, with extra shelves on the walls to hold books, magazines and my various notions. I would also like some cabinets, maybe like this Ikea Expedit bookcase turned on it's side, to hold my finished items. I would put some drawers and transparent boxes in there so I know what each box contains (and also just to see the pretty colors. )

So what do y'all think? Does this plan sound good? Any ideas on how I could make the craft studio even prettier? I have access to about 1/2 the room. :)

I'm looking forward to your comments and suggestions. See you next week!


  1. Great ideas that you came across and shared. Our yarn stash can really look like works of art in themselves. I definitely like the wall boxes with X dividers but maybe some large wicker baskets, too?


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