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A Little Wisp of Smoke

I know I promised in last week's post to put up the pattern for the Megdans shawl. However, a submission call for a new magazine in the UK came out and I thought I'd try my luck and send the pattern in. So in its stead, I'm going to share pictures of my newest finished project, a grey version of the Wisp stole (by Cheryl Niamath) for my friend Marienell. It was a quick knit, and the pattern is just lovely. I used Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud yarn in the smoke colorway (hence the blog title). The pattern is very aptly named Wisp because the finished stole is so light and airy it's barely there.

I took the pictures hurriedly as I wanted to deliver the stole to Marienell on the same day. I used Picnik to edit the photos a bit but they still aren't awesome. I promise you I'm learning and I will get better at the photography thing. Enjoy this little wisp of smoke. :)

Megdans Part 1 - Pictures

My actual first design was a shawl for my mother. I called the pattern "Megdans" after her.  What did I do? I took four lace patterns and placed them next to each other, and added a seed stitch AND a garter stitch border to make this gigantic shawl. It's warm and cuddly, and I was very proud of it.

I had huge dreams of publishing this pattern and submitted it to The lovely people at Knitty knew that the pattern was soooooooo not ready to be professionally published. I was disappointed, but it was a good learning lesson. I think I've grown a bit since I submitted that pattern, and although I'm not submitting as many patterns as I would like to, I'm still designing.

Looking at it now, it looks like it should be an afghan and not a shawl. Who knows? Maybe I will make an afghan version of the shawl. I'm also thinking that a DK weight and a lace version of this shawl might look nice. Any people out there interested in test knitting this pattern? I …

Yarn for the giveaway shawls

I ordered some beautiful yarn from Quince & Co to make the shawls that six lucky people won in My First Givewaway. I just had to show how beautiful the yarn I received is, so please bear with me. The yarn came in a brown paper bag sealed with the company's beautiful monogrammed sticker.

Upon opening, I found the skeins of yarn I had ordered from their Chickadee line. First up is the Snap Peas colorway for Anjali's Snow Drops and Snap Peas shawl, followed by the Nasturtium colorway for the same shawl, requested by Reema. The colors are so vivid and eye-catching aren't they?

The last three to come out of the paper bag were the Peacock, Twig and Clay colorways that Alexandra wanted for her Moody Kerchief shawl.

I'll update on the rest of the yarn for the giveaway shawls when I receive them, and also keep you updated on the progress of each shawl when I start working on them. 
Check out the post I did on My First Giveaway, and the Quince & Co Chickadee line, and le…

Fall Sheila and Black Anthro custom order available in Etsy Shop

I finished another version of the Red Sheila pattern, this one called "Fall Sheila", because the yarn colors remind me of fall. This scarf was also knit in Manos del Uruguay Wool Classica, and I must say that I love the colors that pop out of this yarn. I'm really loving working with this yarn. At 7.5 inches wide and 6 feet long, this scarf can be worn all through fall, and also during the spring. "Fall Sheila" is available in my Etsy shop for $30.

Another project I completed was a black version of the Anthro-Inspired Scarflet that Giovanna requested. It's worked in Vanna's Choice acrylic yarn, and came out so soft and squooshy that I can't help squeezing the scarf (and the yarn ball) over and over again. I hope Giovanna enjoys her scarf.
PS: I took a stab at modeling this time. I didn't enjoy it, and I don't think I make as lovely a model as my friend Caroline does in the Fall Sheila pictures.

Let's have a quick poll: So far I've do…