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Long Way Scarf

So this is not a very well thought out pattern or anything. I had just a few yards of yarn left over from a blanket I made for some friends, Kwasi and Irene, and I wanted to get the yarn out of the stash. Thus, the Long Way Scarf was born.

Sept 27th, 2010: I reworked the pattern and I'm now updating it with new yarn and pictures.

Long Way Scarf
Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Encore (Worsted Weight) in charcoal grey, 200yds - 2 skeins held double;  Nashua Handknits Creative Focus Superwash in green, 218yds - 0.5 skein
Needles: US #13 circular
Notions: Crochet needle E/4-3.50mm
Finished Measurements: 6 inches x 68 inches (including fringe)

Cast on 160 sts or more depending on how long you want the scarf. Knit about 20-30 rows in garter stitch and bind off loosely. With the crochet needle, and using the contrast yarn, crochet one row in single crochet across.Switching to the main yarn, crochet two rows and end. With a mix of both yarns, cut 10 inch strips of yarn, and with the crochet hook, make loops…


I came up with this shawl design as a gift for my mother-in-law. It is a good stash buster if you have one skein of mohair yarn hanging out somewhere in your house. Enjoy!!

Evelyne Yarn: Madil Kid Seta, blue colorway, approx. 237yds Needle size: US 10 and US 11 Final Measurements: 16in x 48in

Lace pattern Row 1: Edge sts, *yo, k2tog, k2, rep from * to edge sts, edge sts Row 2 & 4: Edge sts, *purl to edge sts, edge sts Row 3: Edge sts, k2, *yo, k2tog, k2, rep from * to edge sts, edge sts
Shawl pattern Cast on 60sts with the size 11 needle. Work 4 border rows in garter stitch with the size 11 needle.
Main body A: Work 3 repeats of lace pattern with size 10 needle, keeping 4 edge sts in garter stitch at each end. B: Now work 12 rows in garter stitch with size 11 needle.
Repeat sections A and B until shawl is desired length, ending with a lace pattern section.
Then work 4 rows in garter stitch, bind off loosely with size 11 needle, and block the shawl.
PS: My shawl had 7 repeats of the …