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Hello Spring! Here's a new free pattern!

Spring is FINALLY showing up in full force over here. I'm seeing flower petals floating along on the (STRONG) winds we've been having here in the Bay Area. To celebrate this change of seasons, here is a free pattern for a scarf that I designed last year. I called it Colliding Stars after my friend Melissa, who owns a calligraphy and design business guessed it - Colliding Stars.

She saw the initial sample of this scarf that I knit in some random green yarn I had in my stash. (Funny story - I bought the yarn from a fellow Ravelrer who had dyed it a bright neon green. I took it and overdyed the scarf a dark green, but I think I agitated the yarn too much so it had this sort of semi-felted look to it. Pretty interesting).

Anyway, here are a few pictures of the initial Colliding Stars scarf, and the pattern follows. You can download a pdf version of the pattern here or on Ravelry.

Colliding Stars Denise A. F. Twum

I love simple lace patterns that can be used to whip up qu…

Another sunset scarf

Y'all know how I get when I have deadlines looming. I cast on for a new item! :) So, in that vein, I cast on for the Purl Ridge Scarf by Stephen West, even though I have a lot of deadline knitting to do. I used the KnitPicks Palette yarn that was leftover from knitting the Sunset Moody Kerchief on a US 10.5 (6.5mm) circular needle. I worked 11 rows in each main color, and about 5-6 rows in the mixed colors for the color changes. The scarf came out very long - it's long enough to wrap around your neck three times!! However since I used fingering weight yarn held doubled, it's very light to touch. Here are some pictures of this lovely infinity scarf.

I'll hopefully be back next week with some more pretty finished projects! Enjoy the rest of your week! 

Yellow Shells for Zeina

You all know my friend Zeina. She's the lovely lady who has been modeling most of my knits for the past year or so. Sometime last year we went to a yarn shop together so she could choose the yarn she wanted for me to knit something for her. She chose Mirasol Tupa yarn in the Daffodil color (#801) and we bought 2 skeins. She likes the color yellow, you see.

I first made a crochet necklace for her using the Mirasol Tupa yarn, from this Crochet Necklace pattern by Creative Yarn.

However the necklace took very little yarn, so I still had almost all the 2 skeins leftover. What to do? I let the skeins languish in my ever expanding yarn stash until last week, when I was home sick with an ear infection. I wanted to knit something I didn't NEED to have done by a certain time, so I decided to knit a present for Zeina. 
I chose the Little Shells pattern by Holly Griffin-Weidner, as it required 250 yards and seemed like a quick knit. And it was!! I cast on for the shawl on Feb 25th and I …

Hooray for Stitches West 2012!! - Part 2

Where was I? Oh, I had just finished my visit with Roxanne of Zen Yarn Gardens. It was now 5:30pm so I had to dash out of the conference center and drive as fast as I legally could to get to my son's daycare before 6pm. I was so happy with my loot, and excited for my Sunday class.

I almost forgot! I bumped into a friend from Dartmouth, Katharine Velleman, who is also a knitter, and lives in San Francisco. We are 45mins away from each other and have yet to still meet up. Among the thousands of knitters, crocheters and fiber enthusiasts at Stitches West, we bumped into each other! It was nice to catch up for a few minutes!

So come Sunday afternoon, I was a little tired after my weekend schedule and feeling sick with a sore throat, but I knew I had to go for my class. I made it to the conference center at 1pm, and headed straight for the market because I had seen Kauni at one of the booths and just had to have a ball. I've been looking for Kauni Effektgarn in the EU colorway for …