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Another shawl is done!!

I have another FO this week! I finally finished the Tan Moody Kerchief, got it blocked, and even photographed all over the past weekend! No scrambling to take photos before the daylight ends, and no staying up late the night before to put up a blog post! Yay! 

This version of the Moody Kerchief was knit in Knit Picks Palette, using the Coriander, Almond Heather and Camel Heather colorways, and made the color changes like I did in the Sunset Moody Kerchief. I hope Veronica's mom likes both her shawls. 

Thanks to my lovely model Zeina Newman for being so willing to come and help me out whenever I call. Such a wonderful friend! Now I'm off to work on some more WIPs and UFOs. Have a wonderful week and thank you so much for reading!

Now, for some FOs!

I finished some projects! Yay! I completed the Merlot Scrunchable Scarf from last week's post, the one for my sister's bf. He visited us briefly this past weekend and he's darling. He even enjoyed playing with my son!! He tried on the scarf and loved it, but I didn't give it to him as I hadn't blocked it yet. It's now blocked and photographed, but I took the photos late in the day so they are pretty bad quality. The model I had lined up for this photo shoot (my sister), decided that she needed to take a nap in the middle of the day, and when she woke up she didn't feel like getting all dolled up for a photo shoot. So I lost the daylight needed for good pictures, and had to pull out my trusty plastic bodyform. One of these days I'll get a beautiful fancy-looking bodyform...

For the photos, I tried for some artistic, close-up shots to make up for the bad lighting and my rudimentary photo-taking skills. Here are a few pictures of the Merlot Scarf. I think …

UFOs, FOs, WIPS and Startitis

Wait wait, don't go. I'm not talking about aliens. Just what might be an alien language to you if you aren't a knitter or crafter of some kind. But first, a confession. I have Startitis, which is defined by KnitWiki as "an expensive, but rarely fatal affliction that often affects knitters and crocheters where they begin several projects all at one time but don't really make much progress on anything before starting another new project." 
Because of my startitis, I have a lot of WIPs (Works In Progress) and a few UFOs (UnFinished Objects). :) (see I told you it had nothing to do with aliens). WIPs are items that I've knit a bit of, but which are nowhere near completion. UFOs are items that are almost done but just need a little finishing touch, such as weaving in the yarn ends, or seaming, or blocking. FOs (finished objects, as you rightly guessed) are the kinds of things I've been mostly posting about on my blog. This week, however, I thought I would c…

About a hat

I've been talking for a while now about knitting myself a hat. So when I found a cute hat pattern on the ball band of Loops & Threads Cozy Wool yarn, I was very excited to try it out. Plus, it only required one ball of yarn! Just perfect! I thought I would make myself one in the Merlot colorway to see how easy the pattern was. Then I would make a few more hats for my Etsy shop.

Now this yarn is soft and gorgeous. Made of 50% wool and 50% acrylic, this yarn is extremely soft and just wonderful to work with. It has minimal splitting, gives great stitch definition, and is just the perfect chunky yarn for gifts and items for sale. Plus, their color palette is just beautiful. I've knit four items with this yarn so far, including this hat, and I plan to make many more with it. (See the Silver Grey Scarf, Forest Green Scrunchable and Claret Procragratification Scarf.)

So back to the hat story. The pattern calls for a US 11 and a US 13 circular needle, so I got my needles together…