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A new free pattern: Wrapped in Clouds Shawl/Scarf v1

Today I have a new pattern for all my knitters out there. It's a very simple pattern that creates a gorgeous, warm shawl, just in time for the cold weather. I actually finished this last year but only got the chance to write it up and put it up now. Here it is, the "Wrapped in Clouds Shawl/Scarf". Thanks to my friend Johanna P. for modeling this at work about a year ago!! The pattern has also been added to Ravelry here.

 Wrapped in Clouds Shawl/Scarf

A friend of mine saw a shawl similar to this somewhere and asked me to recreate it. I did my best to imitate the look of the shawl, but I cannot for sure say that it’s the same shawl. I thought I’d share the pattern with anyone who might be interested in a light but warm shawl made by striping thin cotton yarn with bulky single ply wool yarn. Because of the lightness of the bulky wool, this shawl can also be worn as a scarf by wrapping it around your neck. The finished product is classy and elegant for very little wor…

A beautiful gift

My friend Irene from LivedStories, who has been my photographer extraordinaire, had her son 12 days ago. She had a very difficult pregnancy, and so we are all relieved and grateful that the baby is here and healthy, and she is also doing well and recovering fast. The hat the baby was given at the hospital was too big for his head, so of course I had to whip up a little something for my little cutie. Since the baby is small, I looked for a preemie hat pattern on Ravelry and settled on Preemie Hats for Charity by Carissa Browning. The pattern calls for sportweight yarn. I had some leftover acrylic sportweight yarn, and KnitPicks Swish DK yarn in Nutmeg colorway, so I used these two to make the striped hat. Here in a few pictures, is the hat I made for this little gift from God.

Since I just recently perfected my pompom-making skills, I topped off the hat with a small pompom. Yay for pompoms! 

I will be back later in the week with some new scarves in my Etsy shop. Till then, happy Mond…

2nd Giveaway Shawl Completed - Snow Drops and Snap Peas in Green

I finished a 2nd giveaway shawl!! Woohoo! Those late nights are really paying off. Here is the the Snow Drops and Snap Peas shawl by Kirsten Kapur in the original Quince & Co Chickadee yarn Snap Peas colorway for Anjali. It took me a little while to finish this one as I had to deal with about 400 stitches getting to the end of this shawl. However it's done and blocked and all ready to set sail to Anjali's house. Enjoy the pictures, and many thanks to my friend Josie for agreeing to an impromptu photo shoot.

Anjali, please send me your mailing address at, so I can get this package in the mail for you. See you all later and enjoy the rest of your week!

Lime Green Goodness

Happy Monday everyone! I have a new scarf in my Etsy shop. It's a lovely Lime Green chunky weight scarf that will definitely keep you warm during this coming cold season. Buy it for yourself, or give it as a gift to a dear friend. They'll love you for it. A special thanks to my dear friend Josie for letting me arm twist her into being my model for this week's posts. Check out the scarf here, and have a great week!

1st Finished Giveaway Shawl - Sunset Moody Kerchief

This shawl was a joy to knit, and so quick to finish too. It's the Moody Kerchief pattern by Kirsten Kapur, and the finished shawl is for Veronica. Veronica wanted the shawl colors to mirror those of the Sunset Multidirectional Scarf (see picture below).

To do this, I used KnitPicks Palette yarn in Sweet Potato, Orange and Serrano colorways.

I held the yarns doubled, and mixed the colors as I went along to give a gradual color change effect. Here's how I worked it:
1st section : Sweet Potato Colorway
2nd section: Sweet potato and orange colorways
3rd section: Orange colorway
4th section: Orange and Serrano colorways
5th section (Border) : Serrano colorway

What can I say about the pattern? Easy, quick and addictive. I finished this shawl in just over a week, and took the pictures this past Sunday. I'm as usual very grateful to my lovely, gorgeous model, Zeina Newman. :) As for the finished product, I loved it so much I felt a wee bit jealous that Veronica gets to have the s…

The Red mobius cowl as promised

Sorry this took so long to put up. I wasn't able to take the pictures at all last week due to bad weather. But here is the red version of the mobius cowl as I promised in last Wednesday's blog. Isn't the model just fabulous? Anyway this is a quick blog post just so you could see how the red mobius turned out. The cowl is up for sale in my etsy store here. See you on Wednesday when I share with you the first finished project from the giveaway shawls. It's just gorgeous, if I may say so myself!

And we have a winner!!

The winner of the Claret Mobius cowl is Ethelind Belle!

 Ethelind, please email me: with your mailing info and I'll send you the cowl right away! I hope you get a lot of use form it this winter.

Thank you to all of you who played along in this giveaway. I just finished a red mobius cowl if you are still interested in one. I'll put up picture of that red cowl as soon as possible. We've had a bit of rainy weather here in the Bay Area so I haven't had the chance to take photos of the new things I knit.  HOWEVER, since I can't leave you pictureless, I'll add a few pictures of a new cowl/infinity scarf I finished for a custom order.

I'm taking orders for Christmas gifts and winter accessories, so please get your orders in as soon as possible so I can have them ready in time for the cold season. Look out for pictures of the red mobius tomorrow. :)