I'm a busy spring bee!

A few weeks ago I received an invite from the Craft Fair Organizer at the Milpitas Christian School to participate in a craft fair on April 21st. I was so excited and nervous that I held off from sending in my application until two weeks after I had received the email. Here is a link to the fair announcement in case you are in the Bay Area and want to check it out: http://events.mercurynews.com/san_jose_ca/events/show/251893364-spring-craft-fair 

Now that the fair is almost here, I find myself quite nervous about all the preparations I have to do for it, and all the non-knitting details I have to take care of to make my stall a success. (BTW I'm currently exploring inexpensive display ideas for my scarves, hats, mitts and shawls, so if you have any suggestions, please feel free to share them in the comment section. Also ideas for where to print a banner would also be gladly welcomed.)

In addition to prepping for the craft fair, I also have some designs that I'm working on, on the down low. All in all, I'm super swamped. But hey, it's a good thing, no? :) As such, this post is going to be super short. I'm sharing a few pictures of some of the items I've finished knitting for the fair. Enjoy, and have a great rest of the week!


  1. I'm in the same spot! I paid my fee for a local art fair (4/12) and thought I'd just knit a bit to get ready. HA. Caught by the details!
    Price tags, signs, display pieces, table coverings, the details go on & on. I've put away the knitting needles & am concentrating on the booth space this week.
    I'm using a small version of a wood drying rack for my scarves (even tho I tell people not to hang knit items) I did find a great covering for my table......a bedspread actually! I love it. Looks very detailed, but an ecru color. Heavy, doesn't wrinkle, it is my favorite part of the display.
    I'm thinking of you this month & will be looking forward to hearing how your event goes!


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