Yellow Shells for Zeina

You all know my friend Zeina. She's the lovely lady who has been modeling most of my knits for the past year or so. Sometime last year we went to a yarn shop together so she could choose the yarn she wanted for me to knit something for her. She chose Mirasol Tupa yarn in the Daffodil color (#801) and we bought 2 skeins. She likes the color yellow, you see.

I first made a crochet necklace for her using the Mirasol Tupa yarn, from this Crochet Necklace pattern by Creative Yarn.

However the necklace took very little yarn, so I still had almost all the 2 skeins leftover. What to do? I let the skeins languish in my ever expanding yarn stash until last week, when I was home sick with an ear infection. I wanted to knit something I didn't NEED to have done by a certain time, so I decided to knit a present for Zeina. 

I chose the Little Shells pattern by Holly Griffin-Weidner, as it required 250 yards and seemed like a quick knit. And it was!! I cast on for the shawl on Feb 25th and I was done by Feb 29th. I made a few modifications though. The pattern asked for a US #8(5mm) needle, but I used a US #9(5.5mm) as I wanted a more open fabric, and did not knit the lace border at all. I also cast off with a US #11(8mm) needle for a loose edge.

I tried to get Zeina to come model her own gift, then surprise her at the end of the photo shoot with the shawl, but she was unable to make it, so I had to make do with my little plastic bust.

I would absolutely recommend this pattern for anyone who wants a quick gift. Because of the large stockinette section, the shawl grows very quickly before you get to the lace pattern. I'm actually thinking of knitting this pattern in a few more colors to see how it looks. The Mirasol Tupa yarn is gorgeous, and I want more of it in this exact colorway! It's like spun gold! 

I hope you have a great week, and are enjoying the extra hour of sunlight each day. See you next week! 


  1. So pretty! I have added it to my queue.

    1. That's great! Please share the pictures when you are done knitting it.

  2. The necklace is wonderful but I absolutely love the shawl! Let me know if you make it in blue :-)

    1. Yram, I can make it in blue for you if you want place an order. :)


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