Megdans Part 1 - Pictures

My actual first design was a shawl for my mother. I called the pattern "Megdans" after her.  What did I do? I took four lace patterns and placed them next to each other, and added a seed stitch AND a garter stitch border to make this gigantic shawl. It's warm and cuddly, and I was very proud of it.

I had huge dreams of publishing this pattern and submitted it to The lovely people at Knitty knew that the pattern was soooooooo not ready to be professionally published. I was disappointed, but it was a good learning lesson. I think I've grown a bit since I submitted that pattern, and although I'm not submitting as many patterns as I would like to, I'm still designing.

Looking at it now, it looks like it should be an afghan and not a shawl. Who knows? Maybe I will make an afghan version of the shawl. I'm also thinking that a DK weight and a lace version of this shawl might look nice. Any people out there interested in test knitting this pattern? I would love some help with knitting this pattern in different yarn weights, as I just can't do it alone on my own. 

Anyway, I will be posting up the pattern for "Megdans" here on this blog next week, and also on Ravelry. In the meantime, I thought I would whet your appetites with a few lovely pictures that my friend Hector Plahar took (two years ago!!). The fabulous model is my sister Danielle. Enjoy, and stay tuned for the pattern next week!


  1. The shawl is gorgeous. I love your pattern, as well as the yarn & color choice.
    I'd love to test knit for you........unless this is written as a chart! :) I'm still horribly allergic to charts! They make me jump up from my knitting chair & run the opposite direction!

    Very pretty & lovely work. Nice pictures make me jealous!

  2. You are so sweet!! Thank you! :) When I designed it I knew nothing about charts, so it's all written directions. I do plan to write a charted version of it though, before I put it up online. :) I'll message you once the pattern is ready to be tested. :)

  3. It does look more like an afghan, especially when sprawled out. However, it's beautiful work no matter what you call it!

  4. Holy maloolah, what a gorgeous shawl! I love it just the way it is, but agree that it would look fabulous in a lighter-weight yarn.

  5. Hi Elizabeth!! I didn't know you were Dark Matter Knits! It's so cool that when I click on your name it goes straight to your blog. Awesomeness! How can I do that?

    Thank you so much for your comment on my shawl. I love it, and desperately want to reknit it, but there's just no time. So many beautiful designs out there by designers such as yourself, and so many designs fighting in my head to come out.

  6. Sorry, I only just saw that you replied to my comment! I think my comment links to my blog because there's a "comment as" menu that pops up when someone posts a comment to your blog. You can "log in" using various profiles, including your WordPress account -- which I must have chosen.

    I hear you on the "no time to reknit" thing. I really want to knit a few of my own designs for myself -- had to knit the samples for tiny people -- but no time!

  7. Beautiful shawl and if you need a test knitter keep me in mind. I could be someone who is an intermediate knitter.


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