Nurse Appreciation Scarf 1 - For Della

I had some amazing nurses during my labor and delivery and also my post-partum stay at Stanford Hospital. In appreciation, I decided to do what? Knit each of them a scarf. Here is the first one, for Della, a lovely nurse who is as bubbly and friendly as I am. We got along extremely well, like fire and petrol! :)

The scarf is a combination of two drop stitch techniques separated by long stretches of garter stitch. I'm thinking of writing it up but I am a little tired right now. :( Maybe later. :)


  1. Hi Denise! I decided to visit your blog. Wanted to comment on your nurse scarfs. Beautiful! I love feather and fan and the drop stitch and garter together is very nice. Looking foward to the pattern write up of it!

  2. Thank you Pam! How are you doing? I still haven't posted the completed pattern for the other nurse scarf because I still haven't incorporated the changes you all suggested. :(


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