Falling Water in Sangria

I found the Falling Water pattern (by Bonnie Sennott) on Ravelry.com (you can find me there under "awurama" or "Denise Twum"), and I fell in love with it immediately! Then, I found the yarn I used, Handmaiden Fine Yarn Great Big Sea Silk, at Tricoter in Seattle, and the deal was sealed! I made the scarf for my friend Marteki Martei, who had been working very hard with me on a side project, in addition to trying to complete her second year of medical school. The yarn is gorgeous, the pattern is divine, and the two seem to be made for each other!! :) I almost didn't give the scarf to Teki! :P

Photo Credit: Model - Megan May; Photographer - Hector Plahar


  1. hi Denise! i had no idea you could knit, these are absolutely beautiful! i LOVE this one, the colors are so pretty.
    i miss you, congratulations on graduating and i hope you are doing well!

  2. Thanks Marika! How are you doing? I haven't heard from you in so long or seen you online in a while! :)

  3. Love it! I am so impressed that you take your time to put your designs on Ravelry. Like I said - you are SO much more patient than I am. And they are beautiful.

  4. Thanks Amelia! How are you doing? I've been meaning to send you a message on Facebook. Let me do so right now.


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