Friday, December 30, 2011

Here's to a fruitful year!

In March this year I made a resolution to post at least once every week on this blog. I have to tell you that it was pretty tough to do at times. Sometimes I had to come up with something the morning off, before heading to work. Other times I used my lunch break to quickly write a post. A few times I had enough material to write 2 blog posts ahead of time and schedule them for the following weeks. I am quite glad that I did this, and that I was able to stick with this resolution. I'm going to do my best to keep it up for next year. I know I don't have a lot of followers, but I am so grateful to those of you who do follow and read this blog, and feel that I should be faithful to you all with my posting. Thank you for reading about my knitting exploits, for participating in my giveaways, for sending in comments, and for being so supportive of me as I work on improving my crafting skills. Here's to you all, the last post of this lovely year 2011.

And what could be more fitting than a few pictures of a shawl and an infinity scarf that I made for a friend who just spent Christmas with us. It's always nice to be able to make items for friends and loved ones, and even more humbling when these loved ones support your small business venture. My friend Elf purchased a shawl from me earlier this year, and immediately put in a request for a Shetland shawl. After seeing a few pictures of the Red Chunky Moebius and Procragratification Scarf, she asked for one of those too. I was more than happy to make them for her. The plan was to finish the shawl and give it to her when she came for Christmas. I didn't finish the shawl until Wednesday the 28th of December, and was unable to block it till Thursday the 29th. I also didn't start her infinity scarf until late Wednesday night, after finished the shawl, so I was knitting frantically Thursday night in order to finish the scarf (accompanied by the lovely Korean drama Goong). She was leaving this morning (Friday the 30th). Thankfully, I was able to finish the infinity scarf, block the shawl, and get her to pose for a few pictures with her knitted goodies before she left for the airport this morning.

And here are the pictures of the Claret Procragratification Scarf. I used Loops and Threads Cozy Wool in Claret colorway, and I must admit that I love this yarn! It's a  50% wool - 50% acrylic blend, and I think it's a Michaels brand. The yarn is gorgeous and so soft. Knitting with it is so delightful, and the stitch definition is just amazing. The ball band on the yarn balls have this gorgeous cabled hat pattern on it that I think I'm going to tackle next for my instant gratification knitting. It requires just one ball of yarn. Here are the pictures of the red infinity scarf.

I hope you've enjoyed hanging out with me on my blog this yearn. Thank you all once again for your support, and see you in 2012! Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Some more pretty things for Christmas and a coupon code

Last week some lovely people found my shop and ordered a few custom items from me. It's so exciting when I get purchases and orders from people who aren't friends or acquaintances. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE knitting for friends and family. However when someone I don't know orders something from me, there's a true sense of accomplishment and excitement that I feel. A few weeks ago I posted the pattern for the Procragratification Scarf, and listed that scarf on my Etsy Shop. A nice lady saw the scarf and asked for it in the Eggplant Colorway. I just finished it two days ago, blocked it yesterday, and got my sister to model it for some fun pictures. Here they are:

I also finally got around to finishing a cream version of the Hurrah Scarf, and took photos of that scarf.

And finally, a new forest green scrunchable scarf that will make a great gift for males or females on your list. The yarn is a 50/50 blend of wool and acrylic, and is super warm and absolutely soft. It's the perfect thing to wrap around your neck this winter.

Have a Merry Christmas, and see you here for next week's post. Remember, the coupon code BLOGTHIRTY is still active for 30% off your purchase from my Etsy Shop.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A call for help

I am so grateful to all of you who have been reading my blog, leaving comments and being supportive of my small knitting business. Now that the year is winding down, I'm trying to hit some knitting targets and meet some "secret project" deadlines. I finished a few items some weeks ago but didn't get the chance to photograph them and list them till this past weekend.

The first is a Grey Unisex Scarf (now available in my Etsy shop) with a big fat cable running along the side. I've received a lot of complaints from friends that I seem to only knit for women, so this scarf is my first in the "line" I'm working on for my male customers.

The second item is the Fig Hurrah, a one color version of the Pompom Scarves (sans the pompoms) that I've been knitting. The color is Fig, and it's as soft and cushy as its cousins, but without the pompoms for those who want something simple and warm. It is also now available in my Etsy Shop

I know during this season you are bombarded with a lot of sales and marketing posts/ads, asking you to buy buy buy. I hate to add to the throng but here's my call for help. :) I'm at 28 sales in my Etsy shop, and I would love to hit 30 sales before the year is out. So, here is a coupon code for all you lovely followers and readers of my blog. If you've been eyeing a particular item in my shop, here's a 30% off code for you: BLOGTHIRTY.

Thank you all so much, and see you on here next week.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Procragratification Scarf - Free Pattern

As almost all knitters will attest to, we always have a million works in progress (WIPs) that we need to finish. I have one that’s about 3 years old. However sometimes you want some mindless knitting that doesn’t require you to count stitches or lean over charts. I wanted to knit something late one night, preferably in bulky yarn, and something that would come out looking chunky and uber-fashionista. I had knit a moebius cowl using the fisherman’s rib a few times, and wondered what it would look like without the twist, and with a few more stitches. So, instead of working on the projects that absolutely must be done by early December, I took a size 13 circular needle and cast on for this scarf. Which is why it’s called the procrastination-instant gratification scarf - progratification scarf.

I intended this pattern to be free, but then I got the news that my best friend had given birth to a stillborn baby boy. I would be very grateful if you made a donation in memory of Troy A. to First Candle, an organization working to advance infant health and survival. They are "working to increase public participation and support in the fight against Stillbirth, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and other causes of Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID)." Troy is the name my friend and her husband had decided on for their son.

Procragratification Scarf
The pattern is available on Ravelry and can also be downloaded in pdf form from this link: download now


One size

Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick (80% acrylic, 20% wool; 108yd [99m]/170g [6oz]): ##135 Spice, 2 balls

US 13 (10mm) circular needle (at least 24 inches)

One stitch marker

Cast on 79 sts, slip last stitch to left hand needle and knit together with first stitch to join in the round. Knit around once.

Rnd 1: K1 below, p1; rep till end.
Rnd 2: K1, p1 below, rep till end.

Repeat these two rows until you are almost out of yarn, knit one row around once, and bind off loosely. Block lightly and enjoy the cushy softness of this scarf you cast on for even though you have 10 other projects to complete. :)